Sections Poorly Labeled

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Short Description

Elements used to define sections have names that are confusing

Long Description

  • Usually headings or regions define meaningful segments of content.
  • Sometimes labels do not match when they should, such as from one page to the next or the main content of the page not matching the title of the page or the link that led to it.
  • Sometimes the content found under a particular label changes from page to page, taking away a user's ability to know where to find certain information.
  • Sometimes the same label is used multiple times on the same page, making the meaning confusing.

Example of Issue

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  • Use section titles or labels as an outline to organize content.
  • Avoid repeating labels on the same page.
  • Use labels for consistent content and in the same order from page to page.
  • Make sure a label has a consistent meaning throughout a website or app.



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