Screen Reader Focus on Hidden Content

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Screen reader user can navigate content hidden to other users

Long Description

  • Content is often hidden or made inaccessible to someone using a mouse in order to force them to complete a task before continuing to use other content.
  • If the hidden content is only hidden visually or to the mouse, a keyboard user can sometimes still access the hidden content, and the screen reader will read it, because it is in the DOM.
  • In such a situation, the screen reader user often cannot access the content they are supposed to complete first. In addition, they do not necessarily know they are navigating content that is visually obvious.
  • It is important to make sure the screen reader focus goes to the intended content and cannot simultaneously access the hidden content until all users would access it.

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  • Make sure screen reader focus follows the order intended for all users.
  • Make sure content hidden to all users is also hidden to screen reader.



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Screen Reader

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