Screen Reader Focus not Move to or Remain on Dialogue Box

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Short Description

A screen reader user's navigation of dialogue box not assisted by automatic movement of focus

Long Description

  • The appearance of a dialogue box is a change in content that a screen reader user is aware of as a result of the change announcing itself to the screen reading software.
  • Even if the dialogue box announces itself to the screen reading software, it does not tell the user where in the content it is located.
  • If the focus is placed on the dialogue box at the appropriate time to interact with it, the user does not have to search for the dialogue box.
  • In addition, if the focus is placed in and remains in the dialogue box until the screen reader user has completed its task, there is no question if the user will be able to navigate into the box.

Example of Issue

No example currently available


  • If a dialogue box has a required task or important information, automatically move the screen reader focus to the dialogue box at the appropriate time.
  • Make sure the focus either stays in the dialogue box until the task is completed, or that the user can navigate back into the box if they leave it.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader

Impacted Type of Device