Color Alone Conveys Meaning

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Short Description

There is no second means of communicating information for users who cannot determine color

Long Description

  • Color can be a useful way to convey meaning to many users; it can increase accessibility when it is used in an intentional manner.
  • Conveying meaning through color is problematic when an additional way of gathering the same information.

Example of Issue

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    • Every time color communicates information, make sure there is another way to gather the same information.
  • For example, instructions might read, "Click the green 'GO' button below." It gives textual, directional, and color information. Some users might not be able to use all of that nformation, but it is likely a user can use at least one piece of that information.
  • Accessibility/Usability


    Impacted Assistive Technology

    Screen Reader
    Screen Magnifier

    Impacted Type of Device