Lack of Meaningful Focus

Archived Issue

Current Iteration of Issue

Short Description

The cursor or focus location does not help in navigation upon arriving on new page

Long Description

  • The focus is where the screen reader starts reading or navigating.
  • It is possible to help with completing a process or finding the important information on a page if the focus starts at the beginning of the important content.
  • If focus starts at the bottom of a page, a user has to navigate backwards to find what they are looking for.
  • If the focus starts at a random part of the page, it requires the user to take more steps to find what they are looking for, and it increases the liklihood they will miss something important.

Example of Issue

No example currently available


  • Consider if placing the focus anywhere in particular will help a user complete a task or find important information when they arrive on a new page.
  • If nothing else, make sure focus starts at the top of a page and there is a link to skip to main content and that it works.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader

Impacted Type of Device