Success Criterion 1.3.5 Identify Input Purpose *

Understanding Success Criterion: 

The purpose of each input field collecting information about the user can be programmatically determined when:
• The input field serves a purpose identified in the Input Purposes for User Interface Components section; and
• The content is implemented using technologies with support for identifying the expected meaning for form input data.

Accessibility Level: 
Intent of Success Criterion: 

The intent of this Success Criterion is to ensure that the purpose of a form input collecting information about the user can be programmatically determined, so that user agents can extract and present this purpose to users using different modalities. The ability to programmatically declare the specific kind of data expected in a particular field makes filling out forms easier, especially for people with cognitive disabilities.

Specific Benefits of Success Criterion: 

• People with language and memory related disabilities or disabilities that affects executive function and decision-making benefit from the browser auto-filling personal information (such as name or address) when the autocomplete attribute is used to meet this Success Criteria, which means information does not need to be remembered by the user.
• People with cerebral palsy, stroke, head injury, motor neuron disease or learning disability sometimes prefer images for communication. They can employ assistive technology which adds icons to input fields to communicate the purpose of the fields visually.
• People with motor impairments also benefit from reducing the need for manual input when filling out forms.