Google Sheets Lacks Proper Headers

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Short Description

Google sheets does not allow user to create proper accessible headers

Long Description

  • The Google Sheets instructions for creating headers on a table include freezing the appropriate columns and rows and then changing the font to make it look like a header.
  • The problem with this is that a screen reader does not recognize format changes as headers, so the screen reader user does not automatically get the same information as the sighted user.
  • There is a way for the screen reader user to set the reading settings so their screen reader will treat the selected rows and columns as headers, but the user has to make those selections each time they use the Sheet.
  • When a table from Sheets is pasted into another document, it does not have any headers, and the new document does not have the same tools for the user to make rows and columns into headers. It is important to go back and put in the proper header designation after putting the table into a new document.

Example of Issue

No example currently available


    Include instructions on going to the accessibility menu and treating selected columns and rows as headers inside Google Sheets.
  • When moving a table into another setting, go back and properly designate headers.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader
Screen Magnifier

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