Related Objects Spaced too Far Apart

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Short Description

Magnifier user has trouble finding related objects due to where they are placed

Long Description

  • The level of magnification can limit a user's ability to see the overall layout of a page. As a result, objects surrounded by empty space might appear unrelated to any other content.
  • Objects placed in nonstandard locations can be difficult to find because the user has to search the whole page, instead of just in the couple most likely locations. For example, the control to close the portion of a page is usually in the corners of the frame or a button towards the middle and bottom of the frame; when it is placed in other locations, a user has to search small parts of the page individually.
  • Rows of information can be hard to follow and stay in the correct row or column if it is not possible to see the next item inside the magnified field.
  • If a user does not know to expect a related object--for example, a user would know to expect a "submit" button at the end of a form, but perhaps not to expect a "next" button when reading text--the user can miss the unexpected content if there is nothing within their field of magnification to indicate there is more.

Example of Issue

No example currently available


  • Place objects in standard, predictable locations.
  • Be mindful of the flow of objects on a page, one leading into the next if they are part of a natural procession.
  • Avoid large areas of blank space.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Magnifier

Impacted Type of Device