Fixed/Sticky Navigation Menu Blocks Text

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Short Description

Location of fixed/sticky navigation menu interferes with magnified text

Long Description

  • A fixed/sticky navigation menu refers to any menu that remains in the same location with respect to the screen, even when the user scrolls around the page. The purpose is to allow a user to always have access to important options, no matter where they are in the content.
  • When a screen magnifier user magnifies the text, it can wind up spanning the full width of the screen, placing it behind the fixed/sticky menu, It is either difficult or impossible to read in this case.
  • If a magnifier user shrinks the font in the browser to move it away from the fixed/sticky menu, they then have to increase the level of magnification. This is problematic, because the resolution decreases as magnification increases.

Example of Issue

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  • Make sure that a page truly benefits from a fixed navigation menu. If a user either does not scroll or does not scroll far in order to see all the content, then the space taken with the fixed menu is probably wasted.
  • Make the Fixed navigation menu shrink once a user scrolls past so it at least takes up less of the page.
  • Use a fixed navigation menu across the top of the page, because that leaves unobstructed space below for a user to read.
  • Have settings options so a user can choose whether or not to have the fixed navigation menu display.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Magnifier

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