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Short Description

screen reader / keyboard-only users not able to access information provided through mouse over.

Long Description

  • A screen magnifier generally works by the user moving the mouse in order to magnify different parts of the screen. When a control is activated with mouse over, placing the mouse over the control brings up images or menus for all users. In this case, mouse over serves two different purposes.
  • The control and where the content appears can be far enough away that both do not appear in the magnified window at the same time. When the user moves the mouse to bring the image or menu into view, it requires either removing it from the original focus or moving the mouse very cautiously to stay on the original control. As soon as the mouse leaves the original control, the image or menu disappears.
  • A user might like to magnify the original image with their own magnifier, but it grays out when they move the mouse to it in order to focus on that part of the page.

Example of Issue

Inaccessible menus that require mouseover and accessible ones that do not


    Make sure images and menus appear close to the original control that activates them.
  • Controls should be activated by both mouse and keyboard.
  • Avoid having the original image gray out so the user can choose to magnify it with their own tools if they choose.



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Screen Magnifier

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