Abbreviations Lead to Confusion

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Short Description

Abbreviations used lead to confusion and misunderstanding

Long Description

  • Screen reading software pronounces words and letters based on standard language rules and contextual cues.
  • A screen reader user is likely already accustomed to the more commonly used abbreviations and how the screen reader pronounces them; for example, a screen reader might say "doctor," whether the the abbreviation "DR." refers to a medical professional or an address.
  • However, other abbreviations can be more confusing; for example, the use of "no." short for "number" can be confusing because it reads as the word "no,"-- a label might read "maximum no GPA".

Example of Issue

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  • Think of how abbreviations will sound when the are read phonetically.
  • Use standard abbreviations.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader

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