Moving Graphics Challenge Limited Vision

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Short Description

Moving graphics interfere with magnifier user’s orientation and movement around the page

Long Description

  • Magnifier users spend a lot of time moving around on a page, since only a portion of the screen is visible when magnification is used. Moving up, down, sideways, and in every other direction in the process of accessing content creates a nearly continuous feeling of movement. Magnifier users are accustomed to this movement. This movement is, however, chosen and controlled by the user.
  • Different kinds of movement include transitions when graphics change, animation inside the graphic, changing graphics, etc.
  • For magnifier users, moving graphics are unexpected movement. This movement can be confusing in combination with the movement of navigating around a magnified page.
  • Distinctive visual content such as images or colored fonts serve as landmarks for magnifier users. These landmarks help the user stay oriented while moving around on a magnified page. When images change the user’s visual landmarks change. For this reason, changing graphics can cause disorientation for magnifier users, especially when the image change happens outside the boundaries of what is seen on the screen.

Example of Issue


  • Let the user control movement and change of content.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Magnifier

Impacted Type of Device