Information not structured to reflect critical relationships

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Information structure is not defined for screen reader to determine relationship

Long Description

Relationships between pieces of information (text, controls, form fields, etc.) may be able to be determined through the visual display but the structure and corresponding relationships between the pieces of information is not defined in a way that can be conveyed through a screen reader. This could include headings or labels to text, lists, sublists, subparagraphs, etc. - all visually apparent but not defined to reflect the critical relationships via a screen reader.

Example of Issue

Example where information relationships are communicated visually, but not to a screen reader

Example of how content can help or not help through providing information


  • Information relationships should be defined via code as well as via visual formatting.
  • For more information on using structure to communicate relationships, read Basic Structure on the Usability and Accessibility Site.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader

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