Regions and Landmarks not used to Organize Content

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Short Description

Regions or landmarks can provide a useful way for a screen reader user to navigate content and the absence or misuse can make it slower or harder to access content

Long Description

  • Regions or landmarks provide programmatic information about the layout of content. For example, regions/landmarks include <navigation>, <main>, and <banner>.
  • The ability to navigate quickly to these sections of the content is useful to someone who cannot quickly use visual cues, but instead has to move the cursor to read part of the content.
  • The use of regions or landmarks can reduce what would otherwise require dozens of keystrokes to one or two keystrokes.
  • Regions or landmarks provide information about the consistent layout of multiple pages.
  • Regions or landmarks make it easy for a screen reader user to skip over blocks of content.

Example of Issue

Two examples where landmarks and regions would make content more navigable and would make it easier to skip over extraneous content


  • Use ARIA landmarks to add regions or landmarks to content.
  • To learn more about the importance of regions and landmarks, read Basic Structure on the Usability and Accessibility Site.
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Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader

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