Content Appears in Rotating Presentation

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Short Description

rotating content displays in a way that is confusing to or cannot be controlled by screen reader user

Long Description

  • A screen reader accesses content in a linear manner, and since rotating content is intended to be accessed in a non-linear manner, it can cause a variety of problems.
  • Sometimes a screen reader will navigate through each part of the rotating content in a linear manner. The main problem when this occurs is that it is not immediately obvious that the series of pieces of information are not intended to be read in a sequence like that, so it takes extra time and resources to figure out how that content relates to the rest of the page. Also, there is no standard way to indicate what that content is or how to quickly navigate past it.
  • In a display where using the arrow keys to navigate past the element triggers the content to change, the cursor frequently gets stuck, forcing the user to use other strategies to get past it. In addition, it can be disorienting to have content change unexpectedly.
  • In situations where a user is supposed to navigate sequentially through all parts of the rotating content, it can be either impossible or difficult to figure out how to make the content change. It also can be hard to keep the content from changing until the user is ready.
  • If a user needs to interact with the content, but cannot control when it changes, then it is frequently difficult to keep the content from changing until the task is complete.
  • Changing content can be hard to track or find with a screen magnifier, either because the movement is distracting in the background, or because it is hard to locate the magnification where it needs to be because of the dynamic content.

Example of Issue


  • Find a way to indicate the relationship of the rotating content to the rest of the page.
  • Use all appropriate structural markup on each item inside the rotating content.
  • Give the user a way to stop the automatically changing content.
  • Give users a way to navigate through the content with a keyboard.
  • Test with a screen reader to make sure all functionality renders as new content appears.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader
Screen Magnifier

Impacted Type of Device