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Short Description

A novel way of completing a task or presenting information makes it difficult to figure out the appropriate interaction

Long Description

  • Users become accustomed to various tasks and presentations of information working in a standard way. This is particularly important to a screen reader or magnifier user, because known patterns help minimize the number of functions they have to figure out or find when using it and because it makes tasks go faster.
  • For example, a standard checkout procedure includes selecting an item, going to checkout, selecting payment method, reviewing the purchase, and then finalizing the purchase. Adding or subtracting steps or putting these steps into a different order makes a user more likely to make mistakes.
  • If a button to close a window within the larger web page is placed somewhere other than at the corners of the window, such as in the corner of the main web page,, it usually falls outside of the magnified area, making it difficult to find. The same goes for a control such as a submit button with a significant amount of blank space between the bottom of a form and the placement of the button, because a user does not necessarily know what lies beyond the blank space.

Example of Issue

Example where it is not immediately clear how to interact with content to find information


  • Use standard design patterns when trying to solve a problem.
  • There are libraries of solutions from commonly accepted design patterns.
  • It is still important to make sure the design patterns are actually accessible. A common design pattern just means it is familiar and commonly accepted, not that it is accessible.

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