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Text describing a link is missing the actual hyperlink therefore user must search for link

Long Description

  • If the text on a page refers to a link that appears elsewhere on the page or in the site, the link should also appear in the text that identifies it.
  • Sometimes instructions to find the link involve orientation on the page such as, "In the upper left corner." Other times the directions involve color, "The green link below." Both kinds of description are meaningless to someone using a screen reader. As a result, leaving the link out of the text that refers to it makes it particularly hard for a screen reader user to find it.
  • A user with a screen magnifier usually can only see part of the screen at a time. If a user has to find a link elsewhere on the screen, they cannot just glance across the screen, but instead have to shift the magnification tool. This can be hard and disorienting.
  • A link to an external site should also appear in the text that instructs a user to visit the other site.

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