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Short Description

Elements without labels or with labels that are vague, inaccurate, inconsistently identified, not uniquely descriptive or with extraneous characters do not provide screen reader users with enough information to identify the purpose of the element.

Long Description

  • There are multiple ways to label a control or element in a way that is confusing, does not communicate the same information to a screen rewader user as to a sighted user, or the communicates incorrect information.
  • Depending on the assigned level of verbosity on a screen reader, it might read some or all punctuation marks out loud. As a result, it might say the words "less" and "greater" when < and > appear.
  • If the text symbols are being used in place of the appropriate graphics, it leads to extra words that do not make sense. For example, a pair of links might appear as "< < BACK < <" and > > NEXT > >". A screen reader might read them as "less less back less less" and "greater greater next greater greater". It can be a challenge to filter out the meaningful part of the label.
  • If an "o" or "*" is used in place of a bullet and appropriate list markup, a screen reader might read "o" or "star" at the beginning of each line, obscuring the content and the fact that the intended format is a list.
  • An element or control might have adifferent words in the semantic markup than in visible words.
  • A control or link might be a different kind of element than what it appears to be visually and/or how it is referred to in surrounding text.

    Example of Issue


    • Avoid using text symbols for visual effects.



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