Error Message does not Provide Specific or understandable Information

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Short Description

There is no understandable or specific information about the problem when an error is made

Long Description

  • Sometimes a user can figure out the source of an error based on contextual cues. However, since a screen reader and screen magnifier user is viewing a much more limited portion of the screen at any given moment, it can take them longer to find those contextual cues.
  • Sometimes a user is left to guess at exactly what the problem is when there is an error, and figuring out the source of the error can be time consuming and frustrating.

Example of Issue

Screen reader user interacting with forms with and without specific information about errors.


  • Clear text describing the nature of an error and how to correct it should appear when the error is made.
  • Clear text should also appear to identify exactly where an error occurred, the nature of the error and how to fix it when a form is submitted. Moving the focus to the error and the error text can help a blind and low vision user find it.
  • WAI ARIA can indicate the urgency of new information to the screen reader, determining whether the screen reader interrupts other activity at the moment to read the new information.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader
Screen Magnifier

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