Error feedback is not timely

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Short Description

A user is not immediately made aware of an error

Long Description

  • Frequently, alerts about errors, particularly when completing forms, will be made visible to sighted users at the moment the error is made.
  • It is important to know about the error at the time when it is made, because it is easier to find the problem and fix it when a user is at the related form field.
  • When an alert appears in a part of the screen that is distant from the error, a screen magnifier user might not be able to see it, because they can only focus on a limited part of the screen at a time.
  • It is important to make the screen reader software aware of an alert so it will read it out loud to the user.

Example of Issue

Screen reader not alerted to error, although focus does move to first error

Error alert pop up box announced promptly

Error Alert


  • Make sure screen reader and magnifier focus go immediately to the alert.
  • Make sure the alert appears on a part of the page that is near the error.
  • Make sure the alert appears when the error occurs, not after the user has taken other steps
  • Learn more about dynamic content in the article Dynamic Content on the Accessibility and Usability site.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader
Screen Magnifier

Impacted Type of Device