Tool Is Confusing to Use

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Short Description

Tool lacks adequate instructions or cues for someone to know how or why to use it

Long Description

  • There are several ways to indicate to a user how to interact with a tool. There are standard tools that users are familiar with such as a combo box to select from a set number of options or a CAPTCHA to increase security and decrease SPAM. A user generally knows how to interact with these tools, because they have seen them before. Clear and concise instructions are another way for users to know what to do. Graphics and/or physical layout on a page might also help a user know what to do.
  • Graphics and physical layout are least likely to be understandable for a user who is blind or low vision, so it is important not to rely entirely on them to communicate.

Example of Issue


  • Whenever possible, use standard tools, increasing the likelihood that a user has seen and used something similar before.
  • Include clear and concise written instructions, and make sure they are accessible.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader
Screen Magnifier

Impacted Type of Device