Media Player Controls are not Keyboard Accessible

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Screen reader user cannot start, stop, pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. media because of inaccessible controls

Long Description

    It is important to be able to control media, because media contains information that should be accessible to all users. If someone cannot stop or pause, they cannot take extra time to take notes or respond to other events in the surrounding environment or choose to go through the content later. If a user cannot fast forward or rewind, they have no control over the pace at which they receive the information and in order to go through a smaller part twice, they have to go through everything twice.
  • There is a wide variety of controls related to media, including play, pause, stop, mute, full screen, captions, etc., and all should be accessible with a keyboard.
  • Screen reader software relies on the user's ability to hear what it is saying, so there can be competition between media and a screen reader for the user's ability to discern what each is saying. It is important to make at least the "pause" control easy to find, for example make it the default focus after the media starts playing.

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