Interacting with an Element Automatically Selects an Option

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Short Description

Value is automatically selected without purposeful user action.

Long Description

  • One way for a screen reader user to read and explore content and options of any part of a page involves moving the cursor over that part of a page or through the components of an element.
  • When the content around the cursor area of focus changes, a number of things might happen.
    • The user might not notice the new content until they change focus to the other part of the page.
    • The screen reader might read any amount of the new content without indicating exactly what is happening and why it is reading the content.
    • The cursor might automatically change focus to another part of the page, meaning the user loses control of navigating as they want and causing confusion.

Example of Issue


  • If a user has to actually click on an option, for example hitting enter, before content changes, it gives the user more control over navigation and content.
  • To read more about the impact of newly appearing content, read the article Dynamic Content on the Accessibility and Usability site.



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader

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