Input/Text Area Form Elements Lack Meaningful Label

Short Description

The input / text area element lacks a label or is improperly labeled

Long Description

  • When a screen reader user tabs to a text form element without an appropriate label, it is unclear what content belongs in that element.
  • The screen reader and the user will search surrounding text for clues, but this introduces a possibility for error and it can be time consuming. Having accurate text labels for form elements makes it easier to use and reduces the chance for errors.
  • For a screen reader user, it is efficient when filling out forms to be able to complete one entry and then tab to the next. If the element is properly labeled, a screen reader will read the label and the user will know what is expected, along with any additional details about how to properly format the entry. If the element is not properly labeled, the user will have to leave the element and arrow key around.
  • Some screen readers provide a list of form elements. If they are not properly labeled, there will not be any information to list other than the form type.

Example of Issue



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader
Screen Magnifier

Impacted Type of Device



  • Use the label attribute.