Interacting with an Element Automatically Selects an Option

Short Description

Content or options change as a result of user interacting with element

Long Description

  • One way for a screen reader user to read and explore content and options of any part of a page involves moving the cursor over that part of a page or through the components of an element.
  • When the content around the cursor area of focus changes, a number of things might happen.
    • The user might not notice the new content until they change focus to the other part of the page.
    • The screen reader might read any amount of the new content without indicating exactly what is happening and why it is reading the content.
    • The cursor might automatically change focus to another part of the page, meaning the user loses control of navigating as they want and causing confusion.

Example of Issue



Impacted Assistive Technology

Screen Reader

Impacted Type of Device



  • If a user has to actually click on an option, for example hitting enter, before content changes, it gives the user more control over navigation and content.
  • To read more about the impact of newly appearing content, read the article Dynamic Content on the Accessibility and Usability site.